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Creating A Stellar Client Experience

I’m excited to switch up the whole blogging thing moving forward and add more video into my weekly blog posts. But in order to make it “scan-able” I’ve broken the video down into “chapters” which you can find below the video. Watch it all or pick what you need. This week we’re talking… Your client […]

The Biggest Lie in Content Creation – Yes, You Can Repurpose That!

I wanted to share with you guys the biggest lie that I believed when it came to content creation – and I believe this lie for a really long time!…  Like an ABSURDLY long time!!! I have come to see the light and now I want to share the light and my awareness with you! […]

Theory Doesn’t Matter

I wanted to talk to you guys today about something that I am really passionate about because it’s something that I’ve struggled with in my own business. I’ve had a couple of breakthroughs and realizations that really helped me so I wanted to share those with you today. A lot of times we learn a […]

Authenticity in your Online Presence

I wanted to talk to you guys about authenticity and why it’s so important. Let’s talk about figuring out who you are in terms of your business. It’s really important that you are embodying your brand personality. That is a key tenet of showing up and having a really consistent brand presence. It’s effective in […]

Clarity in your Messaging

Today I want to talk about clarity in terms of your overall messaging. Being clear about who you are and what you stand for is key – especially when it comes to the words that you use. If you are not clear, there’s a couple of things I want to go over today that will happen […]

Other’s Opinions About Brand Presence

Others Opinions about Us I am super passionate about having people show up as their authentic selves online and really tap into who that is. That is the secret sauce that attracts those ideal dream clients to you. Today I want to get on my little soapbox and say something that I need to hear just as much as […]

4 Important Things for Effective Brand Messaging

4 Important Things for Effective Brand Messaging Today I wanted to talk to you guys about messaging. Messaging refers to the words that you’re using to communicate with your audience. A lot of people have a foundation for their messaging.  This way they always know who their audience is (who they’re speaking to), what they’re struggling with […]

Moving People to Your Content

How to Move People to Your Content Today about the importance of knowing what you’re saying in your messaging. When you know what you’re saying, you can move people along. That is what your message should do. Your message should be moving people. It’s important that all your content has a goal. For some people, […]

Three Kinds of Important Instagram Posts

3 Instagram Posts to Think About Today I want to talk about three kinds of viewpoints that you should be taking in your messaging: 1. You – your clients or who you’re addressing in your posts 2. Me – you, the writer and content creator 3. Us – “you” and “me” collectively I think a […]

My Instagram Color Story

My Instagram Color Story Today I want to walk you through my Instagram colour story and actually show you my process instead of just explain it to you. Check out the video below as I walk you through my exact process! If you didn’t know, I have two Instagram accounts. The first one is “Mollie […]

Monthly, Weekly and Daily Instagram Strategy

My Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Instagram Strategy Today I wanted to talk to you guys through what my strategy is that I found works for me when it comes to showing up specifically on Instagram. We all wanna know “what do I have to do?” and “how long do I have to do it?” The […]

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