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Creating A Stellar Client Experience

I’m excited to switch up the whole blogging thing moving forward and add more video into my weekly blog posts. But in order to make it “scan-able” I’ve broken the video down into “chapters” which you can find below the video. Watch it all or pick what you need. This week we’re talking… Your client […]

How To Create A Plan For Client Success

If you’ve been paying attention to the online space at all right now you’re probably vividly aware of the number of people who claim big results for their clients like it’s magic. And while I’m all about manifesting some magic, I (like most people) prefer to have a plan–especially if I’m shelling out some serious […]

Don’t Sell Your Service, Share the Transformation

Today I want to talk about a common misconception a lot of people have when it comes to creating clients. If there’s one golden rule for client nurturing and creation it’s this: First of all, no one likes to be sold to. When we feel like that is happening to us, we kind of go […]

My Blogging Workflow Template

Today I wanted to share the biggest thing I do in order to ward off that, “Please don’t make me blog!” feeling. My secret for overcoming blog-phobia is to break all the steps down into a workflow template. A few weeks ago on Insta I shared a sneak peek at my blogging template and people […]

How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

So I should probably just come clean right from the get-go and say that the title of this post “How To Write The Perfect Blog Post”, is a pretty substantial claim. Blogging (and writing in general) is such a subjective art that writing the *perfect* blog post is a pretty elusive feat. For example, some […]

Keep It Client Focused

Today let’s talk about my two fav things: copy and branding. When it comes to your copy and branding lots of entrepreneurs are tempted to use their brand copy to tell their potential clients about all of the amazing things that they’ve done, the countless awards that they’ve won, and why they are the best […]

Curse of Knowledge

Today we’re going to talk about something that wreaks havoc on your brand messaging. Since it’s almost Halloween, this seemed like a fitting subject because this is some real scary stuff. I’m going to tell you a little story about… What is it? It’s the idea that as an expert in your field, you have […]

The Most Embarrassing Thing That Ever Happened to Me

You’re probably wondering why I’d willingly offer up one the most embarrassing moments of my life for your entertainment, but don’t worry… There’s a lesson in here somewhere. I promise! Our story begins in the fall of 2000… This was the year when: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married. The biggest scandal was J-Lo’s […]

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